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The SmartLight™
The SmartLight™
The SmartLight™
The SmartLight™
The SmartLight™
The SmartLight™

The SmartLight™

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The SmartLight™

Are you looking for a unique lamp that won’t hurt your eyes while reading and studying?

Now, look no more because the SmartLight™ is here!

This lamp has a natural light that does not hurt the eyes.

 This is a natural spectrum lamp that encourages you to read more so that you can study more!

It has glare-control technology that diminishes fatigue and cuts eye strain. It also helps eliminate flickers and provides a consistent glow.

It has bright light from an energy-saving bulb that’s easily replaceable!

The SmartLight™ is a motion-activated, cordless LED light that you can use both indoors and outdoors. This light is also flexible and can rotate 360 degrees, and it can also tilt back and forth.

Modern Design

The SmartLight™ has a cool and stylish design that is build for the office, home, bedroom, dorm, hotel or school.

 It is best for men and women and for students, employees, retirees, and teachers. It can be used in your computer or writing desk or in your bedside table.

Whatever you are, this lamp has a modern design that fits your lifestyle.

As it is a small yet powerful lamp, it is a space-saver, so you can use it anywhere.

Convenient and Efficient

When you arrive at your doorstep at night, there may be dangers lurking at the hours of darkness: uneven pavement, uncovered tree roots, misplaced patio furnishings, stray branches, and even strangers around your home.

Therefore, you need a security lamp that is not too expensive to install. The SmartLight™ is the effortless solution for outside and indoor security lighting needs that’s cordless and hassle-free!


Other motion-activated security lights omit the mark. Some lights may not even if you’re frantically waving your hands in the air.

Motion-activated protection lights should not work that way.

The SmartLight™ utilizes a technologically evolved motion detector.

It activates automatically whenever a human, pet, or automobile crosses its direction.

 It has an auto shut off feature that saves battery energy.

The SmartLight™ turns off automatically after 30 seconds.

Rotates to Every Direction

The SmartLight™ rotates a full 360-level and pivots back and forth.

 It effortlessly shineslight precisely in the place you want it.

460 Lumens with COB LED Panels

The SmartLight™ makes use of the state-of-the-art COB LED panels that shines amazing 460 lumens.

It’s tremendously brilliant to illuminate at night! Plus, the COB LEDs stay cool and can last as much as 100,000 hours.

Easy to Install

The SmartLight™ has a no wire and can be set up effortlessly.

Simply affix the adhesive tape to the back of The SmartLight™ and firmly press to your desired surface to mount.

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