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SUPERB™ Electric Lint Remover
SUPERB™ Electric Lint Remover
SUPERB™ Electric Lint Remover
SUPERB™ Electric Lint Remover
SUPERB™ Electric Lint Remover

SUPERB™ Electric Lint Remover

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The newly bought sweaters and wool coats appear pilling and fuzzing. Too wasteful to throw them but too embarrassing to wear the clothes full of fluffs. The fact is that the higher the quality of wool materials, the easier it is to get fuzzes. 


  • FINALLY CLOTHES ARE WEARABLE AGAIN: To keep or not keep the clothes with lint balls? That is the question. No dilemma with this lint remover! Use this fabric lint shaver to turn your sweaters, jumpers, leggings, cushions and more into new in minutes! No longer have to worry about ugly pilling.
  • SAVE MONEY ON BATTERIES: Battery operated clothes shavers run out of power after a few times of use. You save hundreds on batteries with this plug-in lint shaver. Buy yourself some new clothes with the money saved by this fuzz buster!
  • SPARE BLADE & BRUSH: An extra blade and a brush are included. In case both blades of this shaver break in a year, contact us for a new lint remover machine. Feel at ease about your purchase.
  • EASY TO USE: Plug in and start cleaning balls. Rechargeable removers take hours to charge. No more waiting with this plug-in lint remover. Move freely with its 55-inch cord. For best use of the shaver, please scroll down for more description.

• Do not use it in shaving off the beard.
• When using it, please make the clothes smooth and slide the fluff remover according to the direction of the fabric pattern.
• When the storage box is full, you need to pour out the shavings and then continue to remove.
• After using, please clean it in time using the brush.

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