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Personal Portable Air Cooler
Personal Portable Air Cooler
Personal Portable Air Cooler
Personal Portable Air Cooler
Personal Portable Air Cooler

Personal Portable Air Cooler

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Surround yourself with a clean, cool air and beat the heat with this Personal Portable Air Cooler!

Have a comfortable zone at morning and a comfortable sleep at night.

This Personal Portable Air Cooler is designed with an evaporative water filter that pulls the warm air in your area and fills it with cooler air. Its water tank can be filled easily and it lasts up to 8 hours per fill.

Sleek and elegant design

This cooler measures just 174 x 170 x 170mm, and the available color is white, black and blue. It has a water tank on the side that can hold 750ml water. Has three wind speed modes: high, medium, low. Controls are easy where you can turn it on or off if you press the bright screen which doubles as a button or the power button located at the top part. To adjust its fan speed, a button is located just under the power button.

Built for excellence

This is a USB powered fan and it consumes only 10 watts of power, an energy saving technology. This can also be powered by a power bank so you can bring this object wherever you go and can use it whenever you want.

In only three minutes, you may now feel the cool air in your personal space. Plus, this Personal Portable Air Cooler purifies and humidifies the air around you leaving you with breathable air and a good skin.

It has a built-in LED soft mood light available in 7 colors and with a color-cycle option.

Hence, this air cooler with its whisper-quiet fan and calming night light will help you have a comfortable sleep.



Power: 350W

Water tank capacity: 750mL

Cooling power: 100W-350W (350-1200 BTU/hr)

Noise level: 27-40 dB depending on fan speed

Water refill cycle: 6-8 hours


So are you ready to stay cool wherever you are?

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