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HandyMesh® - Mircale Chef Basket
HandyMesh® - Mircale Chef Basket
HandyMesh® - Mircale Chef Basket
HandyMesh® - Mircale Chef Basket

HandyMesh® - Mircale Chef Basket

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Cooking made easy

With this HandyMesh® - Mircale Chef Basket you can cook effortlessly. Many love to cook but they don’t like to clean up the mess. Other than cooking, you can also use it as a colander.

Easy to use

The revolutionary design allows you to cook meals form the pan and place it directly to the plate.

Even though it gets hot, the handles will still be cool to the touch that allows you to lift out the chef basket easily and safely.

You can easily wash and clean your food with this HandyMesh® - Mircale Chef Basket. After rinsing the food inside the basket, transfer them from the sink straight to the pot.

One of the coolest feature is you can fold this Chef Basket after using it and store it easily.

Versatile features

As the name suggests it is really a miracle chef basket, it comes handy in all your cooking needs. You can use it for boiling, poaching, deep frying, blanching and par-boiling – by flipping down the handles.

You can also use it as a steamer, just invert the basket.

This miracle chef basket can serve as your snack container – You can store fruits and snacks

Why it is unique?

Advanced micro-resistance welding technology ensures that there will be no sharp edges, no shedding and no welding injury. Your safety is guaranteed.

HandyMesh® - Mircale Chef Basket is designed to withstand heat yet remains cool to the touch in spite of how hot it gets. Premium quality stainless steel allows it to be durable and easy to clean.

Believe it or not, this amazing chef basket can be of great help for your everyday use. Whether cooking is your hobby or routine, this miracle chef basket is a must-have item in your kitchen.

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