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AcuPen® - Laser Acupuncture Pen
AcuPen® - Laser Acupuncture Pen
AcuPen® - Laser Acupuncture Pen
AcuPen® - Laser Acupuncture Pen
AcuPen® - Laser Acupuncture Pen
AcuPen® - Laser Acupuncture Pen

AcuPen® - Laser Acupuncture Pen

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Accupen Laser Acupuncture Pen

Great news to the individuals who are suffering from body pain and muscle stiffness! We know how hard it is to experience pain every now and then. Our Accupen Laser Acupuncture Pen will be your best decision.

It can move in the surface of your skin to consequently find acupuncture points without penetrating the skin while also activating skin tissues and keeping skin from aging. It also helps promote good blood circulation, dig into the body meridians and ease muscle pain.

The Accupen Laser Acupuncture Pen depends on conventional Chinese medicine and a blend of bio-designing innovation. Formed into health and beauty gadgets, meridian is a breakthrough in the history of medicine. It can move from the surface of the skin to electrical impulses that stimulate the skin cells to prevent sagging and aging.

Compact and Safe to Use

The Accupen Laser Acupuncture Pen is compact in size and handy to use. It is practical and helpful to carry anywhere. You can keep it in your bag and use it in the office, car, camping trips, holiday trips and in other occasions where you may need it.

Safe and Painless

It is safe to use in the body and has no side effects. It is a painless procedure that can help relieve muscle stiffness and pain. It stimulates the nervous system to bring about relaxation and relief of inflammation. With the Accupen Laser Acupuncture Pen, there is no risk for overdose, unlike when you take those pain pills and creams.

Improves Blood Circulation

This rechargeable electric needle therapy pen can give needleless and easy acupuncture. It naturally discovers acupuncture points and is based on meridian theory of low resistance. You will feel low shocks of energy after use. This stimulates the blood vessels of the body to dilate and increase blood flow to the areas of treatment

Effective Pain Relief

This pen is suitable for use in the wrist, foot, elbow, lower leg, neck, midsection, back, ear, face, shoulders, knees and other parts! It can relieve muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain, arthritis and other discomforts caused by body inflammation. You can use it 3-5 minutes in duration for twice a day for best results.

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