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Top Gaming Social Networks

How Many Have You Tried?

The gaming world has several fans while also being an addiction for many. There are several gaming groups that let you participate in online competitions and give you opportunities to socialize. Here are some such gaming social networks you must have a look at –


• WeGame –

WeGame offers a video capture tool so you can capture some amazing gaming moments and then share it in your group of gamers. The tool to capture video footage and screenshots is unique to WeGame and here the users can rate each other’s footages.


• Raptr –

This is a perfect platform to kick-start your social gaming network. It’s simple interface and quick tutorials help you begin your gaming journey with ease. Match pace with your friends, upload pictures and manage your online gaming life with this cool gaming network for PC gamers.


• Onverse –

If you like virtual reality and role-playing you might enjoy Onverse. It lets you customize your avatar and mingle with other players in social network. Its 3D space allows you to move and chat with a sense of real connection.


• Playfire –

For all those who like connecting with friends outside of your games, Playfire is the right social gaming network for you. Here you begin by providing all your handles like PSN, Xbox Live and other platforms. Playfire then downloads all available content, numbers and stats to get you involved in rankings.

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