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Muscle Building Mistakes to Avoid

Bigger and Stronger: The Right Way

Bodybuilding requires discipline, not overexertion. In relentless quest for more muscle, we often indulge in practices that are not very helpful and furthermore slow down our process of attaining the body we desire.

Save yourself from trouble and waste of time by avoiding these common mistakes.


  • Taking too many supplements –

Supplements are taken to fill the gaps in our diet and they help you gain more from your efforts in your workout. These are not a replacement of your diet. Ensure a proper diet before adding any supplements to it.


  • Setting unrealistic expectations –

You may have a picture in your mind of what you’d like your body to look like but it is very important to set realistic goals about your progress and the timeframe you’ll need to achieve it.


  • Changing your routine frequently –

It is essential to change your workout routines frequently in order to make progress but how do you change the routine is important. Instead of completely changing the exercise, modify the amount of weight you lift, change the duration of rest between sets and number of repetitions of a set.


  • Lifting more weight –

It is advised that you say goodbye to your ego outside the gym itself. Lifting heavier weights than you should invites unwanted injuries, chronic soreness and also slows down the progress.


  • Too much sugar take –

Excessive sugar intake promotes obesity, hinders lean muscle gains and may also promote insulin resistance. Intake of hidden sugar found in cereals, frozen yogurt, various breads and smoothies create these above-listed problems.


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