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An Essential Rafting Gear Checklist

Always Go Prepared…

While preparing for an adventurous getaway it is a bit perplexing to decide what to pack and what to ditch.

When going out for such trips it is advised to pack light and yet not miss out on any of the essentials.

Here is a simple checklist that would make your rafting preparation a little less confusing.


  • Shoes –

Your footwear is one very important thing to check on while preparing for river rafting. Sturdy sandals or a good pair of shoes that dry fast is what you need. Just in case you don’t want to spend any cash on buying new shoes your old tennis shoes can be your saviour.


  • Body lotion –

Sunlight, sand, and consistent contact with water may cause a lot of damage to your skin.

Having some nice body lotion in your baggage helps you sooth sunburned skin, dry skin and provides your body with essential moisture at the end of the day.


  • Gear –

Helmet, rope or tubular webbing, whistle, bowline bags, throw bag, rescue knife, signal mirror, pulleys, torch, carabiners, first-aid kit, compass, gloves, and a water bottle are the most essential items to carry along for rafting.


  • Clothes –

While rafting you must wear something that gets dried up soon and saves you the trouble of spending your day in damp clothes.

You must wear a quick dry pair of shorts or bathing suit, synthetic long sleeves t-shirt, synthetic inners, a pair of socks that dries quickly.

Also carry a set of dry clothes to change into post-rafting. Carry a towel and a bag to store all your wet clothes.


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