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4 Types of Sports Fans

Which Type Do You Belong To?

There is nothing like sport to bring people together. Then again, there is nothing like sport to divide people into groups of bitter enemies. Fans come in various shapes, sizes and temperaments.


These fanatics can be divided into 4 categories. Which one do you belong to?


  1. The Die Hard : This fan lives and dies for his team. He will always have a strange ritual before every game that features his team. He strongly believes that this ritual is essential. 
The die-hard will scream and throw objects at the television if his team his losing. He will be high for days if the team wins.


  1. The Bubble Fan : This one is completely delusional and lives in a bubble. No matter how much his team sucks, he will always tell you that it is going to the Superbowl. His team could be 0-5, but he will believe that a hot 8 game winning streak is coming. This type of fan can be highly irritating.


  1. The Fair-Weather Fan : Having no real passion for the sport or any team, this guy’s loyalty swings where the success is. You will find him supporting one team this year and another the next. Don’t waste a debate on him; he may have just seen the score online.


  1. The Fatalist : Some teams are terrible, and they continue to be so for decades. The fans know this very well and have no high expectations. You will find them resigned to their fate every year. Yet, they will never jump ship and continue supporting their team for life.


These categories broadly sum up pretty much every sports fan.


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