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4 Types of Sports Fans

Which Type Do You Belong To? There is nothing like sport to bring people together. Then again, there is nothing like sport to divide people into groups of bitter enemies. Fans come in various shapes, sizes and temperaments.   These fanatics can be divided into 4 categories. Which one do you belong to?   The Die Hard: This fan lives and dies for his team. He will always have a strange ritual before every game that features his team. He strongly believes that this ritual is essential.  The die-hard will scream and throw objects at the television if his team his losing. He will be high for days if the team wins.   The Bubble Fan: This one is completely...

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Top Gaming Social Networks

How Many Have You Tried? The gaming world has several fans while also being an addiction for many. There are several gaming groups that let you participate in online competitions and give you opportunities to socialize. Here are some such gaming social networks you must have a look at –   • WeGame – WeGame offers a video capture tool so you can capture some amazing gaming moments and then share it in your group of gamers. The tool to capture video footage and screenshots is unique to WeGame and here the users can rate each other’s footages.   • Raptr – This is a perfect platform to kick-start your social gaming network. It’s simple interface and quick tutorials help...

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Best Places for Camping in the UAE

Explore the Desert Paradise Although UAE is best known for the desert safari and luxurious hotels, this tourist destination has amazing campsites much more beautiful than its magnificent resorts. From beaches to mountains to dunes and oasis, all you need to carry along is a tent, sleeping bags and some snacks to enjoy a night with the stars. Check out a few such camping spots here –   • Jebel Al Jais – This is the tallest mountain in the UAE located in Ras Al Kahimah. This place provides the campers a view of grandiose hills and widespread valleys where everyone is welcome to camp.   • Al Qudra – One of the most famous camping spots in Dubai, this...

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An Essential Rafting Gear Checklist

Always Go Prepared… While preparing for an adventurous getaway it is a bit perplexing to decide what to pack and what to ditch. When going out for such trips it is advised to pack light and yet not miss out on any of the essentials. Here is a simple checklist that would make your rafting preparation a little less confusing.   Shoes – Your footwear is one very important thing to check on while preparing for river rafting. Sturdy sandals or a good pair of shoes that dry fast is what you need. Just in case you don’t want to spend any cash on buying new shoes your old tennis shoes can be your saviour.   Body lotion – Sunlight,...

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Muscle Building Mistakes to Avoid

Bigger and Stronger: The Right Way Bodybuilding requires discipline, not overexertion. In relentless quest for more muscle, we often indulge in practices that are not very helpful and furthermore slow down our process of attaining the body we desire. Save yourself from trouble and waste of time by avoiding these common mistakes.   Taking too many supplements – Supplements are taken to fill the gaps in our diet and they help you gain more from your efforts in your workout. These are not a replacement of your diet. Ensure a proper diet before adding any supplements to it.   Setting unrealistic expectations – You may have a picture in your mind of what you’d like your body to look like...

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